Coronation Street’s Sally Ann Matthews Does NOT Like Stephen Bear

Actress Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny in Coronation Street, tweeted that she wanted to 'punch' the CBB contestant

Stephen Bear has been winding a few people up with his antics on Celebrity Big Brother. Twitter users haven’t been impressed with his, er, romance with Chloe Khan – which saw the pair getting steamy in the toilet – and now Coronation Street actress Sally Ann Matthews has waded in to have a pop at him.

“I’m not a violent person but I could continually punch Bear without a drinks break,” she wrote, before adding that if she was Bear’s mum, she’d be truly ashamed of him. Eek.

When another Twitter user asked her what she had against Bear, she didn’t hold back, calling his behaviour “childish, mindless [and] provocative”.

Bear and Chloe, along with Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor, haven’t exactly endeared themselves to the other housemates, either. Earlier this week, Sam Fox and Heavy D looked on uncomfortably as Chloe pole-danced topless, while Marnie and Lewis got naked in the bathroom. As you do.

The show has had 54 viewer complaints, and there’s even a campaign to have it banned because of all the smut. Wonder what our Sal would have to say about that?

Not everyone’s a Bear-hater though – plenty of fans also tweeted their support, saying the house would be boring without him.

Bear also clashed with mob wife Renee Graziano, after she nominated Chloe for eviction. In an epic rant, she called him a “p***k” and Chloe a “douchebag”, while Bear hit back by saying she was just jealous that he didn’t fancy her.

Blimey. We thought last year’s rows were bad – remember Farrah Abraham? – but this lot are giving them a run for their money.