Did You Notice *This* Error On Coronation Street?

It was all to do with Sally Webster's parcel...

We’ve been completely hooked on Coronation Street this week.

The run-up to Kylie Platt’s death was steeped in mystery, and we were devastated when we finally saw actress Paula Lane’s final scenes last Friday.

In case you missed it, Kylie was stabbed in the heart by local thug Clayton, who happens to be a pal of her ex Callum Logan (y’know, the guy she murdered on last year’s live episode).

Kylie Platt Coronation Street death

Kylie Platt was killed off last Friday. Sad times ūüôĀ

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After realising what had happened, her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) rushed to her side, telling her she was the ‚Äėbravest person he had ever met‚Äô as he cradled her in his arms. And then she was gone – and our hearts were broken.

Of course, that storyline is still continuing, and we imagine it will be for quite a while. But to ensure we don’t bawl our eyes out every time we tune into the ITV soap, there have also been some more light-hearted moments over the past few days.

Kylie Platt Coronation Street death

Yep. Paula Lane’s final scene was pretty heartbreaking…

On last night’s episode, we saw Sally Webster (Sally¬†Dynevor) receive a package from her daughter Rosie, who’s currently living it up in London. It seems Rosie really has made it in the Big Smoke, as she’d treated her mum to some expensive-looking home furnishings. Ooh.

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Sally’s hubby Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) was the one to receive the package from the courier, along with a pile of other post. However, one piece was for their neighbours, with the delivery man asking Tim: ‘Can you take this one [the parcel on top] for next door?’

Coronation Street parcel mistake

We forgive you, guys!

This is where things went a little wrong. Because viewers noticed that Sally had actually taken ‘next door’s’ parcel and opened it. Oh, and lo and behold, there were Rosie’s prezzies. One fan Tweeted: ‘But wasn’t that next door’s parcel?’

Oops. TBH, after the amazing work the cast and crew did with Kylie’s death, we think we’ll let them off.