Corrie’s Daniel Brocklebank Hits Back At Homophobic Comments

The actor takes to Twitter after reading viewers' comments about his and Bruno Langley's kissing scene...

Coronation Street‘s Daniel Brocklebank is furious with the response to last night’s episode – and we’re not surprised.

In case you didn’t tune in, let us explain. Daniel plays Billy Mayhew in the ITV show, who was yesterday seen hooking up with Todd Grimshaw in a hotel room.

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Coronation Street

This scene between Billy Mayhew (L) and Todd Grimshaw left some viewers disgruntled

The pair embraced and kissed, before Todd got angry and stormed out because Billy wouldn’t have sex with him.

Pretty standard soap stuff, right? But some viewers’ reactions were far from pleasant. They labelled the scene ‘sickening’ and ‘disgusting’.

One Tweet read: ‘Homosexual scenes in #Corrie tonight were sickening. Most now tolerate this practice but we don’t need it rammed down our throats.’

Coronation Street

Another said: ‘I’m all for gay pride but seriously @itvcorrie @ITV stop putting this on tv before 9. Think of the children.’

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However, Daniel has now hit back on his own page, Tweeting: ‘Had many angry tweets saying “I’m disgusted my kids saw men kiss on tv” I’m disgusted they left it up tv to teach their kids how love works [sic].’

He then recounted a conversation between him and his mum, continuing: ‘Mum: See youve educated/annoyed the bigots again Me: Itd seem so Mum: Im proud. How funny they choose the term “gag” or “rammed down throat”.

He finished off his rant by adding: ‘Thanks for ur AMAZING messages! Let’s not hate on the homophobes. We’re bigger than that. Hate breeds more hate. They need love & education.’

Happily, the storyline has also received plenty of support, with Tweets including: ‘I remember seeing the kiss between Todd & Nick in Coronation Street when I was young. Shocking that there’s homophobic responses still,’ and: ‘Homophobia about tonight’s episode of coronation street is shocking, so what if two men kissed on tv, straight people do it all the time [sic].’

We couldn’t agree more. It’s flippin’ 2016, people!