Coronation Street Episode Gets 390 Complaints And Is Being Assessed By Ofcom


After two chilling episodes of ITV’s Coronation Street aired on Friday which saw Pat Phelan force his prisoner Andy Carver to kill Vinny before turning the gun on him, The Sun have reported that a total of 390 complaints were made to the TV regulator.

Despite many viewers being very impessed with the actors’ performances, others thought the drama went too far.

An Ofcom spokesperson told the publication: ‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.’

The scenes in question show construction worker Phelan manipulating a brainwashed and mentally-unstable Andy to kill fellow prisoner Vinny in a dilapidated paper factory.

And not only that, but Nicola Rubinstein also discovered that her father Phelan had actually raped her mother…

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Pretty dark stuff, alright.

Arguable the most shocking moment came when the dark villain whispered to a sobbing Andy that killing Vinny was ‘the only way, kid’ as he drove the men to the warehouse and gave Andy a gun.

But in a shocking twist of events, Pat snapped and shot Andy himself – increasing the body count to two.

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After dumping the bodies in a river and planting jewellery as evident at his wife’s taxi firm office, Pat rejoined Eileen and friends in the Rovers and the episode concluded with the suggestion that he will frame former rape victim Anna Windass for attempted murder.

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Corrie viewers have seen Pat rape, kidnap, cheat and torture but Friday was the first time fans of the show witnessed him murder… And they really weren’t happy about it.

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‘This Pat Phelan plot is a disgrace to the good name of Coronation Street. Absolutely hating it. #coronationstreet,’ slammed one viewer, and another agreed: ‘Coronation Street has finally lost the plot , what a load of b******s that was [sic]’

‘#Phelan oh it’s gone way too far now. Can’t be bothered with it anymore. This isn’t Coronation Street.’ a furious fan shared, while another wrote: ‘Im hating coronation street major switch off this andy storyline its getting pathetic way 2 far now sort it out [sic]’

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on ITV.