Coronation Street Has Been Accused Of Copying EastEnders

It’s safe to say that Tina O’Brien has totally wowed us in her latest Coronation Street storyline.

In emotional scenes, the 32-year-old’s character Sarah-Louise Platt has been seen suffering from postpartum psychosis, brought on by the death of Callum Logan.

Haven’t been tuning in? Let us explain. Callum is the father of Sarah’s baby Harry, who was conceived during their romance last year. So understandably, his murder has hit her hard.

> Callum Logan was recently murdered


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Tina tells OK! Online: ‘I think there were thoughts about whether she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, which would make sense from the trauma of Callum.

‘But when Sarah goes further along, the psychiatrist says no because she’s had a baby and because she’s got the trauma of what’s gone on with Callum – although there are elements of that – it would be classed as postnatal psychosis.’

> Tina O’Brien has spoken out about claims Coronation Street ‘copied’ EastEnders


However, despite the powerful scenes, Corrie has still been hit with some criticism.

Why’s this? Well, some viewers have noted that Sarah’s diagnosis is very similar to EastEnders character Stacey Slater’s.

Stacey – played by Lacey Turner – has a long history of bipolar disorder, and was hospitalised after the birth of her son Arthur in late 2015.

> Lacey Turner’s EastEnders character Stacey Slater is bipolar


As Corrie‘s storyline came a few months later, some have accused of the soap of ‘copying’ ‘Enders. Hmmm.

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Now Tina’s hit back, but she’s only been complimentary of her rival show.

> Tina O’Brien has nothing but praise of Lacey Turner


She says: ‘It’s a shame. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. She’s [Lacey] a fantastic actress and unfortunately I don’t get time to watch TV at all but I’m sure she absolutely nailed it.’

However, she’s also stressed that the two storylines are ‘very different’ as Stacey is bipolar, whereas Sarah is battling other mental health issues.

Either way, we think it’s great that both soaps have brought important issues to light. And Tina, you’re doing a fabulous job.