Coronation Street’s Ad Break Blunder Was Pretty Awkward Last Night

Viewers took to Twitter in their droves to complain...

If you watched Coronation Street last night, you may have noticed a pretty awkward blunder in the commercial break.

Halfway through the first episode, a voice-over announced that the show had finished and would be back in 30 minutes. Errr.

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Maria on Coronation Street

This is pretty much how Corrie viewers felt…

Seeing as we were just in the middle of some serious Maria dramz, viewers were understandably pretty annoyed.

One Tweeted: ‘Return to Coronation Street in half an hour? It’s only 19:45. Was that a mistake or have I missed 15 mins? #Corrie.’

Others wrote: ‘We will return to Coronation Street in half an hour”…..think that was a mistake. Only half way through! @ITV #coronationstreet #corrie,’ and: ‘Bloke on ITV1 told me that coronation street was back on in half an hour. I believed him. Should have checked the time [sic].’

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And that wasn’t the only thing that fans had an issue with. They also questioned Maria’s current storyline, which involves her former friend Caz trying to exact revenge on her.

Yesterday, we saw Caz break into her flat, go through her hairdressing tools and deliberately cut her hand, in order to leave blood on the scissors and frame Maria for murder.

Maria and Caz on Coronation Street

Maria and Caz’s storyline has been rumbling on for a while on Coronation Street

Crikey. But not everyone believed that Caz was capable of sneaking her way into someone’s home in broad daylight without being seen by one of Weatherfield’s resident nosy neighbours.

They also pointed out that Maria hadn’t been home since finishing work, so her tools wouldn’t have even been in the living room. Hmm.

Messages included: ‘What’s going on with Caz & Maria – what a ridiculous storyline!! #Baffled #Corrie 🤔🤔,’ and: ‘#Corrie Sick and tired of the Caz and Maria storyline. Hope they’re not going to drag it out much longer.’

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