We’re Going To Be Watching A Lot More Coronation Street

Coronation Street fans, we have some very exciting news for you. The ITV soap is set to be shown six days a week!

Yep, there’ll be an extra episode on Wednesdays, giving us 30 whole more minutes of action from the cobbles. Good, huh?

This new schedule isn’t slated to begin until late 2017, so we’re afraid you’ve got a little while to wait. But it’s something to look forward to.



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John Whiston – ITV Studios’ managing director of continuing drama and head of ITV in the North – explains: ‘The soaps are the cornerstone of the ITV schedule, and Coronation Street continues to produce some of the finest drama and comedy on television.

‘It is a hugely important part of what has defined ITV throughout its history, and I want it to continue to be right at the heart of what defines ITV in years to come.



‘As a viewer I have watched the soap as it has continued to evolve, entertain, and grip the nation with fantastic storylines and this move will be the next exciting chapter in Corrie’s story.’

However, it doesn’t sound as though everyone is particularly thrilled by this announcement. According to The Sun, some cast members are a little concerned. Eep.

A source says: ‘They believe many more cast will need to be hired to cope, if they don’t then the existing cast are going to be worked to the bone to fill the extra half an hour slot, and it’s the same with the crew.



‘The cast fear that going to an extra episode will bore fans. Six episodes a week, 52 weeks a year leaves no feeling of “wanting more.”‘

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In an bid to reassure both cast and crew, bosses have reportedly sent an email round explaining that they’ll be going on a big recruitment drive.



The email is said to read: ‘We’ll be able to strengthen and increase our teams right across the board to support making the additional episodes.’

Let’s hope everything gets worked out before next year, eh? Because we can’t WAIT.