Cool New Singer Alert! Gin Wigmore Talks To Look

Gin Wigmore’s music has been the soundtrack for Guinness, Heineken and eBay adverts but now it’s about giving herself the big sell. The tattooed New Zealander (she’s got 15 in total) is signed to label biggies Polydor and comes complete with a like-it-or-lump-it attitude. We caught up with Gin, 26, to talk about losing her dad, her terrible teens and big love for Batman.

Gin, how did you get into music?

I’ve been writing songs and entering competitions since I was 17. I really got into it when I was about 21. I did some writing and my songs got into the right hands and got noticed.

What’s your favourite hobby when you’re not singing?

I’m obsessed with dogs. I’ve got a husky Melmo called Batman. It was either Michael Jackson or Batman and I was like ‘I can’t call out Michael Jackson in the park’. So Batman it was!

Did you have a teen obsession?

Leonardo di Caprio. I carried a picture of him in my wallet and had a poster on my ceiling. Then I moved onto Johnny Depp. I used to take photos of the TV screen whenever Cry Baby was on. I got them printed but they never came out. I was bummed every time!

Do you have a secret talent?

I can speak a bit of Spanish, I lived in Argentina when I was 16 years old. I left for a school exchange a couple of months after my dad passed away. I was a horrible teenager to my mum and dad.  By then I hadn’t made the transition into seeing my parents as adults instead of people who were ruining my life.

Do you wish you could say sorry to your Dad?

Yeah, give him a big hug and say f*** I love you and I’m sorry. I was never very good at school and Dad used to worry. Now I think I’ve done something and I think he’d be very happy with that.


Gin’s single Man Like That and album Gravel and Wine are out now


By Gemma Calvert

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