The Internet Has A Theory About THAT Mistake At The Oscars

After La La Land was mistakenly crowned Best Picture, the conspiracy theorists came out in full force...

There’s probably no way that you’ve been able to escape news of the biggest blunder in the history of the Oscars.

Sure, the night was business as usual in most instances. The A-list were showcasing Oscars dresses worthy of the star-studded red carpet, there was beauty inspo galore (er, hello Emma Roberts), political statements were being made left, right and centre, and host Jimmy Kimmel was keeping everyone entertained whilst making sure that the night ran seamlessly.

And then it happened.

The cast and crew of La La Land celebrated on stage after the film was mistakenly named Best Picture

Just as we thought all of the awards had been handed out – with La La Land’s cast and crew taking over the stage to offer their thanks for Best Picture (the biggest accolade of the night) – we saw someone run onto the stage, headset on, to deliver the news that, in fact, Moonlight had won it.

Jaws in the audience dropped (quite literally) and social media went into a frenzy, with viewers quickly realising that they had just witnessed one of the biggest mistakes live TV has most probably ever seen.

But, as usual, conspiracy theories also seem to have emerged.

A number of people appear to have felt suspicious about how such a huge blunder could have possibly taken place on the biggest night in the celebrity calendar.


Adele Romanski, Jeremy Kleiner and Barry Jenkins with their awards for Best Picture

Some skeptics have claimed that the whole thing might have been a publicity stunt to boost ratings and coverage, whilst others appear to have alleged that it might have had something to do with trying to overshadow Moonlight’s big win, considering it’s a film that doesn’t fit in with ‘traditional Hollywood’.


Tweets include:

Others, however, have spoken out against the idea.


In reality, it all seems to have been an honest mistake.

There are always two envelopes for each winner, with a complete set placed inside its own suitcase.


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Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan are usually in charge of a suitcase each, containing the envelopes, and they each take different routes to the Dolby theatre – with police escorts – to ensure that at least one person arrives on time.

Sadly, this level of organisation appears to have backfired this time, with the second Best Actress envelope seemingly being handed to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to read out.