13 Things You’ll Only Know If You Commute To Work

1) Getting up at 5am every day means you’re in a permanent state of exhaustion

When your wimpy city-living colleagues say they’re tired, you can’t help rolling your eyes.


2) If you want to avoid falling asleep at your desk, you have to be in bed by 9.30pm

No social life for you.


3) After-work drinks are a total nightmare

You can only stay for a couple if you don’t want to end up getting home at midnight.

And if your train leaves once an hour, you have to time your exit very precisely.


4) Commute time = nap time

You don’t even care if you snore/dribble/lean on someone’s shoulder. Those minutes are precious.


Nothing makes you more furious than the increase of fares

£480 per month for delays, a lack of seats and broken air conditioning? ARE THEY JOKING?


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6) You hear travel announcements in your dreams

It’s haunting.


7) You know exactly where to stand on the platform to be first through the doors

If you’re a train commuter, you become uncontrollably incensed when they change that platform.


8) Replacement bus services are the absolute bane of your existence

So. God. Damn. Slow.


9) Missed your service? That’s it, you’re late for work

Cancellations are even more frustrating.


10) You’ve started to recognise conductors, drivers and other passengers

And you’ve probably got secret names for all of them.

Example: ‘Where’s fit pinstripe man today? And who’s red lipstick woman talking to on the phone?!’


11) You’ve got a favourite seat

You’re genuinely shocked when somebody else dares to sit in it.


12) But you do get an hour or so to get engrossed in a good book

Or catch up on your fave TV show on your tablet.


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13) And when you’re back home, you’re greeted with fresh air, cheaper house prices and *gasp*… greenery

Let’s be honest, nothing would get you to move to the city.