Coleen Rooney Hits Back At Criticism Of Her Many Holidays

We all know Coleen Rooney loves a holiday or two, right? We mean, who doesn’t?!

But unfortunately for the 30-year-old, she’s been forced to hit back at those who’ve criticised her for going on too many vacays. Hmm.

Coleen and her husband Wayne jetted off on more than 10 trips abroad last year, which sounds lovely to us, but has led to ridicule from some.


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However, Coleen – who’s mum to sons Kai, six, Klay, three, and five-month-old Kit – has brushed off the criticism.

She tells the Daily Mirror: ‘I’m privileged that I’m able to go on holiday, and if anyone else had the opportunity they would go.

Coleen Rooney is mum to three boys


‘You get people criticising you, but it’s like: “Why are you interested in me going on holiday?” It’s sad. It’s something I really want to do, and it’s got nothing to do with anyone else.’

Some of the unpleasant comments come from those who – incorrectly – believe that Coleen is taking Kai out of school for their breaks.

But she’s explained that she only goes away during his school holidays. And there’s a good reason why she prefers to jet to exotic climes.

Coleen Rooney isn’t interrupting eldest son Kai’s schooling


She continues: ‘I go away when the kids are off school, they get loads of holidays. The half-term and summer holidays and stuff.

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‘It’s difficult to have days out because Wayne gets stopped, it’s not fun. It’s not fair on the kids, so I take them away, it’s much easier.’


You’ve gotta admit, that does kinda make sense.

And in our opinion, parenting decisions all come down to choice. What are your thoughts? Let us know over on Twitter @lookmagazine.