Coleen Nolan Hospitalised During CBB Stint Over Suspected Heart Attack

The Loose Women panellist was rushed to hospital after falling ill in the house

She was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother last week, but Coleen Nolan has confessed her triumph might not have been after she spent the day before her win in hospital.

The 51-year-old revealed on today’s Loose Women that she was forced into an ambulance and rushed to hospital after show bosses suspected she was suffering from a heart attack after waking up with chest pains.

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coleen nolan

‘That was really scary, last Thursday I woke up with terrible, terrible chest pains. I thought it was heartburn, and they were really bad, I was shaking and couldn’t wake up,’ she said.

‘They called me to the diary room and brought in a paramedic, he did two ECGs and they were fine. “Was I scared?” Not at this point.

‘I’d been smoking a lot, everything was excessive and also the stress of the house, they said no sleep in the day but I could because I was ill so I got on the couch and they called me to the Diary Room and said a doctor has been on and they’re sending an ambulance for you.’

Coleen Nolan

But Coleen confessed she was convinced she was being secretly evicted after witnessing all the ‘cruel’ twists on the Channel 5 show.

‘At this stage, I didn’t trust Big Brother and thought they were evicting me because they’d been so cruel.

‘They said: “No, we can’t overrule the doctor”. I said: “Look its fine, they gave me paracetamol and the pain has gone a bit”.

After a warning from Big Brother that heart attacks can present differently in women and men, she revealed she was sent off to hospital with a ‘blanket over my head because no one was allowed to see me.’

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Despite concerns from bosses, Coleen was thankfully told there was nothing seriously wrong with her and she was allowed to return to the house.

‘Basically I had seven ECGs, loads of blood tests, and a chest X-ray and it basically came back as loads of excess and stress.’

Meanwhile, Coleen’s sharing mood continued as she admitted she hasn’t spoken to her husband Ray Fensome since leaving the show.

‘We haven’t had a chance to speak because he’s touring America and he’s not back till the 20th,’ she said.

Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome

Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome have been married since 2007

‘We texted each other and he sent me a text saying: “I just saw you win online and I’m so proud of you and blah blah blah”, and that was lovely.

‘But we haven’t picked up the phone and spoken to each other.’

Before entering the show, Coleen was candid about her problems with musician Ray, although during her 32 days inside the famous abode she realised she wanted to fight for their marriage.

As Cheryl once sang, ‘You’ve got to fight for this love’.

By Jenni McKnight