Cold Feet Has *Seriously* Annoyed People From Birmingham

One of the show's characters referred to Manchester as England's 'second-largest city' yesterday - and Brummies were not impressed...

Cold Feet is back! And it’s got us feeling all nostalgic.

But while the 90s reboot has won a huge amount of praise, there is one thing that fans have a bit of an issue with. Specifically… fans from Birmingham.

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Cold Feet

It was Angela (played by Karen David) who made the controversial statement

Let us explain. On last night’s episode, we saw Karen David’s character Angela describe Manchester (where the show’s set) as ‘England’s second-largest city’.

But it’s actually Brum that’s widely thought of as having this title – and the city’s residents were not impressed with the gaffe.

One Tweeted: ‘Screw you cold feet, Birmingham is and always will be second city,’ while another wrote: ‘Excuse me #ColdFeet but I think you’ll find Birmingham is our 2nd City. Nearly choked on my Banks Bitter & Cadburys when she said that ? [sic].’

Eep. Other comments included: ‘Manchester isn’t the second city, Birmingham is! #coldfeet #itv us brummies hate it when people say that ✋?,’ ‘Birmingham is Britain’s second city. NOT Manchester. #ColdFeet,’ and: ‘Manchester is the second city… WHAT????? I’m outraged!! #Birmingham #coldfeet.’

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However, some Manchester residents couldn’t help fighting back. One message read: ‘#ColdFeet is right #Manchester is the second city. Brummies saying #Birmingham is errrrrrr….’

Even the programme’s writer Mike Bullen has got involved, after being inundated with Tweets on the issue.

He explained to one miffed fan: ‘I’m from Solihull, Andy, outside Brum. I couldn’t resist that line. I thought it might provoke a reaction. Up the Blues!’

The 56-year-old then continued: ‘#ColdFeet B’ham v Manc. I’m from Brum. The views of my characters do not necessarily etc etc. And anyway, both are preferable to London! :-).’

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