This Coffee Brand Is So Hipster, You Literally Need To Take An Exam Before Buying It

Coffee is evolving at an alarming rate. A few weeks ago I was at a really nice coffee establishment in Soho. I ordered a cappuccino from the lady at the counter. She then gave me in-depth descriptions of my bean options. I smirked.

This wasn’t a sign of disrespect, in fact, I really admired the effort and passion she had for coffee. I smiled because this information was completely lost on a savage like me.

The ‘hipster’ coffee industry is a welcome and perplexing addition to the caffeinated world. We should all care a little more about the quality of coffee we’re drinking instead of just going to our local Starbucks to catch a buzz. That said, we shouldn’t really have to take an exam to enjoy coffee, right?! Not like this coffee brand…

Image credit: Mr Black

Image credit: Mr Black

And we’re not dragging Mr Black through the mud, we bet their coffee liqueur is delicious for people into that kind of thing. However, at £115, we’re dubious about how you get your hands on a bottle.

The Australian cold-press coffee is “demanding” that customers prove their coffee knowledge by taking a test. We suppose this is to ensure that consumers are appreciating the product.

This is the consumer equivalent of saying you like an artist or band and some smarmy arsehole being like “oh really, name six of their albums.”


But before you get all worked up about the pretentiousness, we should say: the exam is for a special bottle of liqueur and only six are available in the world.

It’s more of an investment and coffee brand Mr Black want to make sure that these premium bottles are going to a worthy home.

We had visions of this being a more casual situation. With an exam invigilator looking down on your through his lensless glasses.