The Official List Of 2016’s Most Cliché Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween, everybody! We’re not sure what there is worth celebrating anymore since most of you got all of the spookiness purged from your bodies over the weekend. Now is the time to reflect on all the costumes we saw too much of this year…

2016 hasn’t been the most positive year but there’s been enough characters in play to inspire enough people to go as a handful of them for Halloween. We don’t want to make you feel bad so maybe just substitute. the word ‘cliché’ for ‘popular’ every time you see it…

1. Harley Quinn

Let’s be real for a second. Suicide Squad just wasn’t good, regardless of what angle you look at it or what you expected from the movie. Pretty much all of the characters sucked (especially Leto’s Joker) and the plot swerved from dead-end to dead-end.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was maybe the only highlight if you want to call it that.. Anyway, you’ve probably seen 1,000 Harley Quinn costumes this year; we’re still not entirely sure why.

2. Ken Bone

This guy has been the face of the internet for the last couple of weeks after he rose from the dregs of the masses at the second presidential debate. His question to the candidates was fairly typical but his strong sweater game and rotund-Flanders aesthetic won the world’s hearts and/or cynicism.

Hillary or Trump??? #welcometo #thebonezone #kenbone

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3. Pokemon Go

Does anyone actually still play this game religiously? There are some really impressive interpretations of the avatar out thre but there were as many ‘future millennials with Pokeballs’, too.

Totally twinning. #twinsies #twinning #butnotreally #pokemongocostume #halloweencostume #poketrainer #halloween2016

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4. Eleven

Stranger Things was a fantastic show but c’mon, let’s get less of the blond haired Elevens and commit more to shaving our heads. Commitment makes the costume, folks.

A force to be reckoned with (not just on Halloween) @spiderspraydtd #eleven #strangerthings

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5. Creepy Clowns

We can’t figure out whether Halloween is the safest time from the clown epidemic or the most dangerous? It’s basically an excuse for these everyday clowns to fit in with the rest of society. But doesn’t that sort of defeat the point?

6. Donald Trump

They say the scariest thing is the unknown but there’s nothing scarier than Trump and we know him pretty damn well.

Have you voted? 🇺🇸 #hillaryclinton #donaldtrump

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