Bradley Cooper with a Cinnaman Bun (source: Tumblr)

Cinnaman Buns: The Funniest Tumblr Of All Time

Never has a hair style divided the nation more – and we must admit we weren’t sure where we stood on The Man Bun. Jared Leto pulled it off, that guy down our local not so much… But now we know that we LOVE The Man Bun, for it has spawned The Greatest Tumblr Of All Time: Cinnaman Bun.

Yep, that’s right. Two genius guys have turned the hairstyle into our favourite breakfast pastry, thus creating the Cinnaman Bun. And if this doesn’t brighten your day, we’re not sure what will… It’s hot men + food + witty puns.




For more Cinnaman Bun Goodness check out the Tumblr here.