Christopher Biggins Speaks Out Following His Removal From The CBB House

The TV personality was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house for a number of 'offensive' comments. And he's given his side of the story...

You’ll probably know by now that Christopher Biggins has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The Channel 5 show revealed that the entertainer was evicted for making ‘a number of comments capable of causing great offence.’

Biggins had caused widespread outrage earlier in the week, for his controversial comments about bisexuality.

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During a conversation with Renee, the TV presenter said, ‘The worst type I’m afraid to say are the bisexuals. What it is is people not wanting to admit they’re gay.’

He was accused of ‘biphobia’ by many viewers on social media.

In scenes that aired on Saturday night, following another conversation surrounding the bisexual community, Christopher was called into the diary room and told that Big Brother had no choice but to remove him from the house.

When listing a number of times that he had made ‘comments capable of causing great offence to housemates and the viewing public’, they hinted at a conversation that had happened between himself and Katie Waissel, which did not air.

Katie W CBB

Now, the former CBB favourite has spoken out for the first time, and shed some light on the real reason why he was removed from the house.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, he said, ‘I am mortified by what’s happened, really mortified.’

Touching on the controversial comment between himself and Katie, which he admits was a ‘joke’ about concentration camps, he went on, ‘Most of my friends, in fact, are Jewish. I apologised to Big Brother and Katie.’

He continued, ‘I love Jewish people. Listen, my best friend is Lesley Joseph. You can’t get much more Jewish than that.

‘I have a lot of bisexual friends and I’m not in any way a bigoted person.’

Speaking of Katie’s reaction, as a Jewish woman, at the time, Biggins revealed: ‘At the time, she laughed and then gave a shocked reaction to me. Quite rightly.

‘She didn’t say anything. I don’t think she walked away immediately. We sat there for a little time and it wasn’t evident she was offended.’

He continued, ‘That was the first time I had ever been taken into the diary room to be given a formal warning. I said I was terribly sorry.’

But, according to Biggins, the pair soon sorted things out. He explained, ‘We were really good friends and there was no animosity, we’d cleared the air days before.

‘She never raised it again with me. I don’t know if she even raised it with anyone.’

Christopher Biggins has also broken his social media silence, taking back control of his Twitter account to thank his supportive followers: