Charity Gifts To Buy This Christmas

Fancy giving something back this Christmas? There are so many charity initiatives that make it easier than ever before… Meaning there really is no excuse. So, go on, donate to someone in need and make their 25th a little bit better…

Send A Cow… Or A Chicken

Bath based charity Send A Cow are encouraging everyone to purchase a gift from their catalogue to send to some of Africa’s poorest communities. There are cows (of course) but you could also send a chicken for £7, an apple orchard for £17 or even a child’s education for £30. And best of all, between now and 31st December all donations to Send A Cow will be matched £1 for every £1 by the UK government. Oxfam Unwrapped also currently have a half price offer on all of their donations, with the other half being matched by an Oxfam supporter. So you could buy a chicken, along with business training, that could help a family start a thriving business selling eggs to pay for everyday essentials for just £5.

Give A Homeless Person Warmth

New online shop Crack + Cider was set up when Londoner Scarlett and Charley overheard someone say there’s no point giving homeless people money as “they’ll just spend it on crack and cider.” After consulting local shelters the pair picked five items, which include fleeces for £10 and a winter jacket for £25, that you can then buy and they’ll distribute to one of London’s 7,581 rough sleepers.

Give Victims Of Domestic Abuse What They Need

Refuge – the charity which supports 3,000 women and children victims of domestic abuse each day – have set up a John Lewis gift list for those staying in their refuges over Christmas. Including everything from toys to gloves, you simply select what you want to give, and Refuge wrap it and donate it on Christmas day.  

Send Refugees Shelter

Outdoors store Leisure Fayre have teamed up with the charity Help Refugees and will deliver anything you buy from their dedicated website direct to Calais. Blankets start at £3.60, and tents are £48. They’ve knocked 20% off the price of all donations too.

Spend A Fiver And Give A Homeless Person Christmas Dinner

George Clooney has offered his support to Scotland charity Social Bite and you can too. Through ItIsOn you can buy a Christmas dinner for a homeless person for just £5. Centrepoint also have a range of really lovely, practical things you can buy the young homeless people they care for. From £5 to give a Christmas dinner to £35 to take someone off the streets for the night. And for £144 you can sponsor a room and take someone off the streets for the whole year!

Know of any other brilliant ways to donate this Christmas? Let us know!