Chrissy Teigen Reveals Heartbreaking Battle With Postpartum Depression

The mum-of-one has opened up about the distressing time

Chrissy Teigen is laugh-out-loud funny, has a loving relationship with hubby John Legend and always nails red carpet chic. She seems to have life sorted.

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Which is also why people have been surprised to hear Chrissy has struggled with serious postpartum depression since the birth of her first child, Luna.

Chrissy kept details of her PPD private but has decided it’s time to open up to the world via heartfelt letter for Glamour.

John Legend’s wife couldn’t understand why she felt unhappy

Despite having a beautiful healthy child and loving husband, Chrissy says she “felt unhappy” but didn’t realize the reason was PPD.

“What basically everyone around me—but me—knew up until December was this: I have postpartum depression. How can I feel this way when everything is so great?”

She calls, “perfect. [Luna] is somehow exactly me, exactly John, and exactly herself. I adore her.”

After the birth Chrissy blamed her feelings of stress on the fact that their family home was under construction, thinking, “Maybe I’ll feel better when have a home.”

But she didn’t start to feel better. Instead Chrissy found herself tired, ill tempered and aching, often bursting into tears.

Chrissy was eventually diagnosed with PPD

“I couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy. I blamed it on being tired and possibly growing out of the role: ‘Maybe I’m just not a goofy person anymore. Maybe I’m just supposed to be a mom.’”

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It was a long time before the brunette visited her GP who eventually diagnosed Chrissy with postpartum depression.

As soon as the mum-of-one realized why she had been feeling so awful, Teigen said a weight was lifted from hers and John’s shoulders. She told friends and family and started taking antidepressants.

Chrissy says she still has “bad days” but the “really bad days” are now gone.