Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Growing Baby Bump On Social Media

By Lara Walsh

From the editors of InStyle US

As Chrissy Teigen’s belly starts grow, the proud mama-to-be can’t help but flaunt her pregnant curves.

While enjoying a winter getaway in Oslo, Norway with husband, John Legend, the model took to Snapchat to share her beautiful baby bump with her fans.

After soaking in a Vinterland winter carnival – complete with singing reindeer and a mouth-watering selection of hot dogs, churros, cake pops, and scalloped potatoes – the expectant star proved that she’s set to show off her changing body, as she flaunted her bare stomach in a classic pregnant mirror selfie.

Looking beaut, lady.

‘It doesn’t look like anything from here,’ the model commented, while unbuttoning her long flannel shirt in the mirror.

However, with a turn to her profile, a little bump is revealed. ‘But then you go here…,’ she continued, comparing the two angles.