An Ex-Love Island Girl Has Made An Interesting Claim About Chris

Shannen Reilly McGrath says there was a lot of flirting, but it didn't make it onto TV...

Last week was quite a whirlwind for the Love Island contestants.

We saw them face the ‘ultimate test’ when 11 newbies joined them abroad – and a second house was revealed.

The boys headed to the brand-spanking pad, where they were met by the new girls. Meanwhile, the new boys headed to the original villa to surprise the OG ladies.

Love Island girls

The new Love Island girls descended last week

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There have since been two sets of brutal dumpings, and the only newcomer left is Montana Brown’s partner Alex Beattie.

But despite the fact that they’ve now jetted back to the UK, one of the evicted ladies is keen to speak out about her time away.

Shannen Reilly McGrath has claimed that A LOT more went down than what we saw on television – and it all involved Olivia Attwood’s man Chris Hughes. Eeeep.

Shannen Love Island

Shannen claims she struck up a flirtation with Chris

She tells The Sun: ‘There were so many conversations that weren’t shown. I was having so many chats with Chris. He sat me down and said he fancied me. On the postcard you see me with him.

‘I would’ve cracked him if I’d had a few more days. When we first went in there we were really on edge.

‘During the sex game, he was sitting on the far side from me and he moved over to sit next to me to make sure we did the tasks together.

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Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Chris is coupled up with Olivia

‘At the swinging bed outside, there was a suggestion that someone would sleep there, and Chris put it out here saying: “Me and you.”

‘[Olivia] obviously saw the postcard and wasn’t happy. If she had known what had really gone on, it could’ve got naughty. If I’d been there a few more days, I would’ve made sure I got what I wanted.’

Hmm. Of course, Chris isn’t around to give his side of the story, so the jury’s out…

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