We Might Have Some Sad News About This Love Island Couple

We're really hoping this rumour isn't true...

After news of Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay’s break-up, which was closely followed by the announcement that Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton have parted ways, we were hoping to make it to Christmas without anymore Love Island splits.

Whilst we don’t actually have confirmation that another couple has, indeed, bitten the dust, there are A LOT of rumours circulating the internet right now – and they are all centred on one couple in particular.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood might have had something of a bumpy ride during their six weeks in the sunshine, but they seemed to finally sort their s*** out and become a happy couple, right in time for the final.

It’s no secret that, since landing back home, they’ve had their fair share of public spats. But we thought they’d come out the other side.

Chris last appeared on Olivia’s Instagram on December 11th

But Olivia has been posting some cryptic messages to social media, leaving many of her fans concerned about the status of her relationship.

Sharing an outfit post on Instagram, Liv wrote the caption: ‘Tag a girl who needs reminding men ain’t s*** and Lbd’s are life 🖤… [sic]’.

Naturally, her fans seemed a little worried. Comments included: ‘Mate @chrishughesofficial’, ‘Have you and @chrishughesofficial split?’ and ‘wtf’ [sic]’.

Now, it has to be said, Olivia likes to post a sassy caption from time to time. So perhaps she was just promoting her latest clothing line?

But, according to NOW, the LI lady has also been tweeting some rather emotional messages.

The posts – which now appear to have been deleted, but have been screen-shotted and published by multiple publications – included the words: ‘My heart hurts’. 

She is then said to have tweeted: ‘I’m sure this time of year is cursed for me.’

Oh, Liv.

There’s no word or response from either Chris or Olivia, so we’ll hold out hope that it’s all one big misunderstanding.