Chris Clark’s TOWIE Co-Star Reveals He Dumped Jesy Nelson Over The Phone

A TOWIE cast member has revealed exactly how the pair's relationship came to an end, and we can't quite believe it.

Myles Barnett has confirmed the truth about Chris Clark and Jesy Nelson‘s break-up, revealing his TOWIE co-star ended the relationship… on the phone.

Yup, you heard us correctly. Over the phone.

The pair only went public a couple of months ago, but we knew something wasn’t right when Jesy deleted all traces of their relationship from her Instagram in April.

Now, Chris’s TOWIE co-star Myles Barnett has spoken out about the pair’s relationship, revealing exactly how the relationship ended. Rumours have been circulating that Chris used the Little Mix star because it would make a good storyline for the show, but Myles insists that’s just not the case.

‘People are saying he used her, but that’s not true. He was obviously interested; he thought she was stunning and spoke about her to me. He was buzzed, proper into her, but his first love was Amber [Dowding],’ he told OK! magazine.

Chris Clark Amber Dowding

Chris Clark with ex-girlfriend Amber Dowding

Myles continued: ‘He thought, “I’m not over Amber.” He probably didn’t do it as well as he could have, but he wanted to tell her as soon as possible, which meant over the phone as she was in America.’

It’s worth noting that Chris followed Amber on Instagram again the day after he split from Jesy, something which only fuelled the rumours that he wanted to get back together with his ex.

While we respect that he didn’t want to string Jesy along, we feel pretty sorry for her having been dumped on the phone from the other side of the world.

We hope that she’s doing okay!

By Lucy Abbersteen