Chris Brown Quits Twitter Following Feud Over Rihanna

Chris Brown has quit Twitter after feuding with a comedy writer over his relationship with Rihanna.

The star deleted his account last night following a series of tweets to Jenny Johnson.

Jenny, who has almost 300,000 followers, and Chris exchanged abusive messages on Twitter when the singer spoke about feeling “old” at the age of 23. 

A spat ensued, with Jenny tweeting that she has “zero respect” for Chris after he attack Rihanna in 2008. She said: “I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.”

On Saturday, Rihanna seemed to confirm reports that she’s romantically involved with Chris again, by tweeting a picture of the star laying on her bed.

And Chris went one step further, responding to Jenny’s insults with: “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????”

Confused? Us too! It seems Chris wants to take a break from social networking for a while. As for the nature of his and Rihanna’s rekindled relationship? Watch this space… RM