Turns Out That Chocolate Is Better For Coughs Than Honey And Lemon

Listen closely, whether you’re in the office or on the train, sooner or later you’ll here someone a-spluttering, a-coughing or a-choking. As off-putting as it is listening to someone exhaling like a cement mixer, it’s not their fault and they are definitely in more discomfort than you are. So do them a favour, get them the newest cough remedy: chocolate.

With peak cold season in full swing, we need to share this information faster than the illness is spreading. Your office building is most likely pumping every room with temperate air which basically turns you desk area into a germy petri dish.

While many of your colleagues will be reaching for the honey and lemon to make their voices sound less like gravel in a blender, chocolate might be a better call.

As Metro report, Professor Alyn Morice from Hull University has been studying the soothing qualities of cocoa as cough treatment.

We think someone that refers to themselves as a ‘coughing expert’ and founded the International Society for the Study of Cough should be trusted. We also happen to love an excuse to eat chocolate…

The recent study is codenamed ROCOCO (probably in reference to the chocolates, not the 18th century artistic movement) and studies the benefits of pharmaceutical cough remedies versus cocoa.

“The head-to-head comparison found that patients taking the chocolate-based medicine had a significant improvement in symptoms within two days,” Professor Morice says.

Because of the stickier quantities in chocolate are stickier than cough medicines, the nerve endings in your throat are covered. These endings, when tickled, are what make you want to cough. This is why honey and lemon is seen as an effective remedy, too.

The problem is that chocolate is a very short-term solution to your sore throat, the high sugar content will probably exacerbate your dehydration, too. Sucking on a piece of chocolate might provide some relief but you don’t need a professor to tell you that.