Chloe Sims Reveals What’s Going On With Pete And Megan Behind The Scenes

Friend to both Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna, the TOWIE lady has given her opinion on *that* texting scandal...

It’s the drama that’s rocking all of Essex right now. And as a close friend of both Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks, Chloe Sims has just had her say on what’s been going on between them.

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The 33-year-old has taken to her Daily Star column to reveal that things haven’t been too great for our favourite TOWIE pair.

She wrote: ‘Pete and Megan are in such a mess after his sexting antics.’

Well, we’re not surprised if we’re honest.

'The Only Way is Essex' cast in Marbella, Spain - 26 Sep 2016

Chloe gave her opinion on the shock news that Pete had been texting an ex behind Megan’s back: ‘What Pete did was wrong, but a lot of girls try to take what’s not theirs.

‘It irritates me when girls say they’re girls’ girls – they’re not. They’re a s**** trying to take someone else’s boyfriend.’


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We totally agree that Megan has been wronged, but it definitely takes two to tango – the fault doesn’t just lie with the girl, right?

Since the revelations, Megan has deleted every trace of her man from Instagram, and the pair have reportedly unfollowed each other.

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Sunday night’s helping of The Only Way Is Essex saw a loved-up Pete declaring his love for his girlfriend on her birthday, before showering her with gifts and flowers.

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We caught a glimpse at their emotional argument, which followed the reports of Pete’s indiscretion, but we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see how that panned out.

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Wednesday’s episode will see the showdown between Megan and Pete…

So, is there any hope for Pegan in the future?

Chloe thinks so. She confessed: ‘I don’t think Pete and Megan will fix their issues immediately, but they will get there eventually.’

We’ll be watching this space.