Did Chloe Moretz Just Lay Into Taylor Swift’s Squad?

We all know that Taylor Swift’s got one of the most famous girl squads in showbiz, but don’t expect Chloe Grace Moretz to be joining anytime soon…

In a new interview with Complex, the Kick Ass actress kind of stated that she wasn’t a big fan of Swifty’s ‘squad’ culture. And it was all a bit awkward, to be honest.

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Chloe revealed that she was once invited to join the pop star’s entourage, which we assume she declined, as she then said this:

‘They appropriate exclusivity’, Moretz slammed about famous girl squads. ‘They’re cliques!’

The magazine added that this comment was said with a tone of ‘exasperation’, so we imagine Chloe’s none too impressed with Taylor’s penchant for BFF cliques.



When Chloe was then pushed to elaborate on how she was first invited to join Tay’s squad, Moretz simply replied: ‘She’s a very talented person.’


We’ve always loved Moretz for her honesty, which she says is a pretty new thing for her.



‘There were definitely moments when I was 13 or 14 and was worried about not being liked if I spoke out, but I realised that’s kind of this forced, societal feminist outlook of how women should be – they should feel sorry for speaking out,’ she said.

And she’s truly living by her new mantra, having also called out Kim Kardashian earlier this month for her sexy nude selfie.

Looks like Moretz is definitely not one to be messed with. Well, we’re all for feisty ladies with opinions…