Fans Accuse Chloe Lewis Of Throwing Shade At Megan McKenna After *That* Pete News

After it was revealed that Pete Wicks has been in contact with his ex, Chloe Lewis has come under fire from fans for posting a series of pictures with Megan's former BFF...

It’s safe to say that Megan McKenna is not having a great time of it right now. And our hearts really do go out to her.

Things really don’t seem to be going well between her and boyfriend Pete Wicks.

'The Only Way is Essex' cast in Marbella, Spain - 26 Sep 2016

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Up until the weekend, everything was great for the TOWIE couple (yup, they were definitely #RelationshipGoals for us), with Pete appearing to spoil her rotten on her birthday, and the couple posting numerous loved-up snaps to social media.

'The Only Way is Essex' filming, Marbella, Spain - 30 Sep 2016

But with revelations that ‘Pete the Pirate’ had been contacting his former flame, and with Megan taking to Snapchat to reveal that the whole thing was a lot worse than she’d first thought, our hearts broke along with her emotional monologue.

Oh Megan :'(


It’s no secret that the 24-year-old’s history with her TOWIE co-star, Chloe Lewis, is less than great.

With rumours circling that Chloe’s boyfriend-at-the-time had cheated on her with Megan (which she has always denied) before she met Pete, quite a bit of drama went down between the girls.



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During the last series of the ITVBe show, Megan even fell out with her long-time BFF Chloe Meadows over the whole thing, when she started hanging out with Chloe-L and her best friend, Lydia Rose Bright.

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Too much fun today to even worry about tomorrow ??????

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So when Chloe Lewis decided to share a series of snaps with Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green in Marbs, just as Megan’s relationship news was hitting headlines, fans didn’t take too kindly to the Instagram updates.

And they threw some pretty harsh accusations at the reality star.

At the weekend, Chloe posted a picture alongside the caption: ‘Happy birthday to this absolute beaut! @chloejmeadows I hope you have the best day (with us) ? & get all you wished for! Big kiss to you ????✌?️ xxx’.

Reactions included: ‘Hahahaha Chloe you such a loser you trying to upset Megan I think you obsessed with her!!’, ‘With us… asif that isn’t a dig at Megan’ and ‘it’s not been Megan’s weekend ?’ [sic].

But others jumped to her defence, with comments reading: ‘She’s not trying to drag Megan down…’ and ‘@chloelewis91 ignore the haters …I think your a lovely person with a kind heart trying to get on with your life so let them hate….’ [sic].


Well. One thing’s for sure, the next series is shaping up to be very dramatic…