Chloe Khan Responds To *That* ‘Girlfriend’ Conversation On CBB

Bear and Renee had a discussion about Chloe Khan, leaving a few CBB fans confused...

Amongst the obvious dramz of last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother (yup, we’re looking at you, Aubrey O’Day), there was one moment that you may not have picked up on.

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Don’t panic, though. A lot of CBB fans did, and they took to social media to point it out.

Let us fill you in.


In a conversation between Renee Graziano and Stephen Bear (about, erm, knickers), the Ex On The Beach star appeared to let slip that Chloe Khan isn’t his ‘girlfriend’.

It all started when the Mob Wives star offered Bear a pair of Chloe’s knick-knacks, which she claimed had been left behind by the former housemate.

Renee told him, ‘You might want to take them home to her.’

Bear seemed a little confused, asking who she meant. Renee replied simply: ‘Your girlfriend.’

He then said, ‘If she left them here, then leave them here. You do care a lot about my business Renee, don’t you?’


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Speaking for girls everywhere, Renee explained to him: ‘If you were in here and saying you were my boyfriend, then left my clothes behind, I’d be pretty damn p***** off.’

But Bear cleared up: ‘Well I didn’t use the words “girlfriend and boyfriend” so technically we’re not. I don’t make quick jumps into relationships.’


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To be fair to both Bear and Chloe, although they seem to agree that they’ll be meeting up after the show, we don’t recall a conversation where they actually made things official.

But this didn’t stop CBB fans from taking to social media to fill Chloe Khan in on the conversation.

And it didn’t take long for her to comment.

But Bear’s evicted beau seemed much more interested in the fact that Renee is ‘always talking about’ her knickers.


Chloe wrote: ‘Catching up on CBB . Why is Renee always talking about my knickers . I have never even seen them ones before . Anyway Thanks marnie boo <3’.

The former X Factor contestant has previously spoken of her relationship with Bear, stating: ‘He asked me to wait for him and I am, but whatever happens with us is cool and I will always have his back 100 per cent. #Bearwinner2016.’

We’ll be watching this space.