Does Chloe Khan Regret *This* About Her Time On Celebrity Big Brother?

The former CBB housemate has just sent a *very* cryptic tweet to Renee Graziano...

Chloe Khan is no stranger to making headlines.

Unfortunately for this lovely lady, she seems to find herself at the centre of speculation quite often, recently feeling the need to set the record straight about a number of false – and hurtful – rumours that started about her during her time in the CBB house. Sigh.

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Chloe was a pretty amazing Celebrity Big Brother housemate if you ask us. She showed herself to be a straight-talking lady with a warm heart, and she sure knew how to stand up for herself.

chloe khan

And, of course, there was that controversial romance with Stephen Bear. But we applaud the glamour model for standing by what she felt was right.

But now, a tweet has surfaced that has left us wondering whether she regrets some of her decisions in the famous Channel 5 house.

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Chloe and Renee may have had a complicated – and fiery – relationship, but it seems that all has been forgiven now that the show is over.

renee big brother

The former housemates have been tweeting one another, and when the Mob Wives star said that they  ‘should do it again’, Chlo’ replied cryptically: ‘I’ll do it different this time. Let’s go.’

Errr. What could she possibly be referring to?

The former X Factor star has firmly stood by her antics with CBB’s winner Stephen Bear, despite admitting that it may have been the reason for her eviction.

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bear khloe khan

Perhaps she was referring to her arguments with Renee?

This would make sense, considering that Renee added: ‘…girls only this time even crazier!’

It would be a very different show without Chloe’s ‘naughty teddy bear’ around, wouldn’t it?

But we don’t think you should have any regrets, CK.