The Internet Reacts To The Treatment Of Chloe Khan On Celebrity Big Brother

The housemate has been branded a 'prostitute' as things got *even* steamier on the show...

So, last night we saw, err, a lot more of Chloe Khan.

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has already racked up a number of complaints following racy scenes and accusations of ‘bullying’ behaviour, but if last night’s showing was anything to go by, it seems that Channel 5 don’t want to give in.

Well, to be fair, they do give you fair warning at the start of every show.

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It’s fair to say that the group of youngsters (Lewis Bloor, Marnie Simpson, Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan) were all about having fun last night. The foursome enjoyed some, well, naughty time in the showers, before heading on out to the garden.

It was then that Chloe decided that it was time for a cheeky pole dance. And what’s a pole dance without taking your top off? Well, according to the former X Factor star, not very much, as she quickly decided to pull down her gown.

Viewers were left pretty shocked by the whole thing, particularly as she’d been upset by derogatory comments from her fellow housemates earlier on in the day.

Following a conversation between Saira, Renee and Aubrey – which Chlo’ had overheard – she could be seen telling her beau Bear, ‘I just got called a prostitute by Renee. They were talking about us, “there are two showmances in here and that’s a weird way to give a massage!”‘

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Of course, Bear couldn’t let that one slip, so he turned to the rest of the house and announced, ‘I think there’s jealousy in the house, they keep talking about showmances and I think they’re jealous!’

Social media had a lot to say about the evening’s events, with many being left in shock.

Some reactions read:


But a few jumped to Chloe’s defence, with tweets including:


We’re sure there’ll be plenty more controversial moments to come…