So How Does Chloe Khan Feel About Lillie Entering The CBB House?

With the news that Bear's ex girlfriend Lille Lexie Gregg has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, people have been left wondering about what this means for Chloe Khan...

It’s safe to say that Celebrity Big Brother fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for Lillie Lexie Gregg to step into the house to confront her cheating ex boyfriend.

Ever since Stephen Bear publicly ‘dumped’ her during a conversation with his housemates, the viewing public have been asking for his former flame to strut through those famous doors. And now, the powers over at Channel 5 have all but confirmed that this has, in fact, gone down.

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At 12.47pm yesterday (yup, we totally wrote that with the CBB voiceover man in our heads) Bear had a visit from a special guest – and he looked pretty stunned.

Lillie has recently told OK!: ‘The Bear I’m watching on the television is unrecognisable as my boyfriend.’

The Ex On The Beach star also confessed that the pair were in a ‘full blown relationship for four months’ and were ‘in love’. She also confirmed that they had ‘talked about getting engaged and moving in together.’


Of course, the highlight shows include the goings on from the day before, so we’ll be tuning in tonight to see how the dramz unfolded.

But many have been questioning how Bear’s new beau, evicted Chloe Khan, will feel about the confrontation.

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The pair have been talking about holidaying once the show is over, and Chloe has even met with Bear’s Dad since leaving the house.

According to the Mirror, a source ‘extremely close’ to the reality star has spilled the beans on what she really thinks of the whole thing.

The source reportedly told the publication: ‘Chloe’s not at all worried about Lillie entering the house though – but she does think it’s a bit strange that Lille’s chosen to go in the house, considering she allegedly said she would never speak to Bear again and he publicly declared he doesn’t want to be with her.’

They continued, ‘Chloe doesn’t want to get involved though because it’s not her business, it’s between Lillie and Bear.’