The Internet Is Feeling Sorry For Chloe Khan After Last Night’s CBB

Heavy D has come under fire for 'degrading' Chloe Khan and going a little too far in the task...

The men in the Celebrity Big Brother house don’t seem to be coming across very well so far.

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Viewers have already labelled a conversation between Lewis Bloor and Stephen Bear as ‘sexist’, and after last night’s antics, Heavy D AKA Colin has been criticised for his ‘degrading’ actions towards Chloe Khan.

As part of a task which saw Chloe ‘serving’ him, viewers watched as the Storage Hunters star ordered her to, um, clean his dirty underpants.

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He told his Artificial, ‘All those pants, give them a good soak. I want to see you do those pants.’

Chloe turned to some of her housemates and said, ‘Is that not against human rights?’

When his actions were questioned by some of the other girls in the house, Heavy D tried to defend himself: ‘Cleaning someone’s underpants might be degrading an humiliating but it’s a task.

‘All we need is one of them to break and we win.’

Chloe seemed a little upset by the way she was being treated, telling Aubrey O’Day, ‘Everything he is saying is vulgar and disgusting.’

Natch, social media didn’t take long to form an opinion.

Chloe got her own back, though, putting chili powder and sun cream in his bed. Hmm.

When Heavy D got angry about the ‘vandalism’, Marnie Simpson explained to him: ‘Maybe if you didn’t take that task to the extreme. It was degrading. You were degrading her.’

He later apologised, and Chloe appeared to accept it. But we’ll just have to wait and see how this one unfolds…