Chloe Khan Opens Up About The Idea Of Introducing Bear To Her Daughter

The former CBB housemate has revealed what might be on the cards with Bear once he's out of the house...

There may have been a lot of controversy surrounding how Celebrity Big Brother‘s Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear got together, but everyone’s been left wondering what might happen next between them.

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Bear was dating his Ex On The Beach co-star Lillie Lexie Gregg when he first entered the house but, despite vowing to stay faithful to her, his head was soon turned by X Factor‘s Chloe Khan.

They first kissed as part of a dare, and it didn’t take too long for things to escalate to the point where Bear appeared to end things with Lillie live on television.


Naturally, Lillie was heartbroken and soon returned to the house as part of a task to confront her ex, but Bear has continued to talk about seeing Chloe Khan on the outside.

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Now, Chloe has revealed a conversation she’s had with Bear’s Dad since leaving the house.


Speaking to New! magazine about the idea of introducing her new beau to her daughter, the former housemate revealed: ‘We did speak about her, but I’m really cautious. I’ve only introduced her to one partner, after her dad. It’s too early to think about that yet.’

She continued: ‘Bear’s dad did say we should both come over for dinner though, which was sweet.’


So, what’s the plan for Chloe and Bear once this series of CBB is over?


Chlo’ explained, ‘We’re going to go away somewhere sunny for a few days to see what we want to do.’

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Poor Chloe seems to have been having a pretty difficult week, after dealing with some negativity online and having her Instagram hacked.

Sad face.

The former CBB housemate took to Twitter to make the announcement, telling her followers: ‘MY INSTAGRAM HAS BEEN HACKED AND DELETED AT 852K !!!’

We’re sure she’s looking forward to reuniting with her ‘teddy bear’.