Chloe Grace Moretz Opens Up About Being ‘In Love’ with Brooklyn Beckham

Cuteness overload

By Isabel Jones

From the editors of InStyle

Chloë Grace Moretz and boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham are officially on again – and in love. Awwww!

Although both parties are incredibly busy – Brooklyn, 18, is a freshman at NYC’s Parsons School of Design, and Chloë has a slew of projects to promote and shoot within the coming next year – Moretz opened up about how they always find time for each other.

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‘People that are important to you, whether it’s a boyfriend or a family member, or seeing a concert – whatever it is, you’re going to make that of utmost importance and you’re going to move hell and high water to make that time work when you can make it work,’ she told InStyle at Forevermark’s Tribute Collection launch party on Tuesday.

In general, the 20-year-old said she prefers to: ‘keep life and my relationship as private as possible,’ but opened up about how the couple is indeed in a very good place.

‘We’re happy, we love each other, and we support each other,’ she added.

Chloë arrived at the NYC event in a pink pinstripe suit from Victoria Beckham’s spring 2018 collection (yep, her boyfriend’s mum), a pretty good way to get in your mother-in-law’s good books.

Chloë wearing a pink suit by Victoria Beckham

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The following day, she stepped out rocking another potentially Beckham-affiliated item – a ring (ON. HER. RING. FINGER.) bearing her beau’s first and last initial, a capital ‘B.’

OK, to be fair, Chloë does have a brother named Brandon, but somehow we don’t think that’s what the ‘B’ in question represents…