Wait. Was Chloe Ferry Given Special Treatment On Celebrity Big Brother?

Reports have been confirmed that Chloe was allowed to leave the CBB house before her eviction....

There’s one thing that EVERYONE knows about Celebrity Big Brother, and that’s that there’s supposed to be no contact with the outside world.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So when we heard that one of this year’s housemates may have been given special treatment – with little trips outside of the house – we were, of course, a little confused.

Chloe Ferry, who is the latest celebrity to be evicted from this series of CBB, was apparently allowed to nip out of the surveillance show to film for Geordie Shore. 

Say, whaaaaat?!

Chloe Ferry

Big Brother has confirmed that the 21-year-old reality star did leave the compound before she was evicted, in order to ‘fulfil her commitments’ to the MTV show.

Yup. We can hardly believe it either.

A spokesperson for CBB is reported to have told Huffington Post UK: ‘Chloe left the Celebrity Big Brother house for prearranged commitments.

‘At the time of leaving the house she was chaperoned by a member of production and had minimal contact with the outside world.’

Natch, viewers weren’t previously told about this special arrangement. But, if reports are to be believed, Chlo’s deal with Big Brother didn’t go down too well with the rest of the house.

A source told the Daily Star, ‘They felt like she was getting special treatment just because her work is for a channel owned by the same company.’


We’re sure that Geordie Shore fans will be mega pleased to learn that the series won’t suffer from Chloe’s stint in the CBB house.

And we have no doubt that she shovelled plenty of chicken nuggets down while she was vacaying from the Channel 5 show.