Viewers React To The Surprise Double Dumping On Love Island

Chloe Crowhurst and Sam Gowland were voted out of the villa by their fellow islanders. But fans noticed something a little awkward...

If there’s one thing we absolutely ADORE about Love Island, it’s thatΒ you can always count on a surprise twist or turn. And Monday night’s episode was no exception, with the shock news that one couple would be leaving the show.

The big bombshell was delivered by text message. This time, the public had no say in who would be staying and who would be going. Yup, the voting was to be done by the islanders themselves, with each couple having to go away and discuss – in secret – which pair they believed to be the least compatible.

And, you guessed it, whichever couple got the most votes would be dumped from the island.

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Newcomers Simon and Tyla – along with their new partners Montana and Dom – were immune, but still got to make their selection.

Kem and Amber, who remain coupled-up but have called time on their romance, seemed to be at risk. Camilla and Jonny, who have become something of a fan-favourite, were also suggested quite a few times, as many of the islanders seem to be questionning how genuine Jonny’s intentions are.

However, it was Chloe and Sam – who have both been on the show from the start – who got the most votes, and were told to pack up and leave the ITV2 villa. Well, they are just friends.

Sam Chloe

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It seemed as though Chlo’ wasn’t too pleased about the decision, deciding to use her final moments on the show to discover who had put her up for the vote.

Confronting her close friends Amber, Montana and Liv, the 22-year-old asked which of them had chosen her.

Chloe confronted close friend Olivia to see whether she had nominated her…

When Amber came clean, admitting that she and Kem had nominated them, Chloe revealed that she was annoyed. The Essex lady also announced that she knew who her ‘real friends’ were. Ouch.

Viewers didn’t seem too impressed by the way that Chloe handled the situation. In fact, many pointed out that she and Sam had, in fact, nominated Chris and Liv – her best friend in the villa.

One fan wrote: ‘Chloe is jumping down Livs throat asking if she voted for her to leave, yet Chloe voted to boot Liv and Chris out… [sic]’, along with some snake emojis.

Former Love Island winner Cara De La Hoyde commented: ‘Wow Chloe is the worst kind of person ever…’

Well, she’s back in the real world now. And, apparently, she’s looking to contact Mike, having shared a kiss with him just as he was leaving the villa last week.

We’ll be watching that space.