Chinese Mall Opens The First Husband Nursery So You Can Shop In Peace

Shopping with someone that just doesn’t want to be there isn’t fun for you or your partner. The typical scenario is that your boyfriend or husband has ended up dragging his feet through shops because it was necessary for him to be there while you shopped.

It’s a problem as old as consumerism itself but China might have got the issue sorted by putting husband nurseries in their shopping malls.

Oh yeah, it’s patronising as hell but damn is it effective if you want a break from stifled groans and distracting sighs of boredom.


Image credit: Weibo

A mall in Shanghai has cleared out a room on the third floor of their newest shopping mall which is equipped with loads of entertaining stuff and comfy spaces for your man-baby partner who can’t stand hanging around for 45 minutes on his own.

The man-baby nursery is stocked up with magazines, a TV room, comfy seating spaces and even a massage chair. Because it must be crazy stressful being so unoccupied.

But maybe this creche is for the best. Yeah, men should just suck it up and find ways to deal with spending time in shopping centres, but if it distracts from your shopping experience, just stick them away for a while.

Image credit: CCTV

Image credit: CCTV

What’s hilarious is that in Chinese, the room’s name “老公寄存室” translates to the accurate “husband storage room”.

This room surfaced on Weibo which is China’s version of Twitter and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

As Mashable report, one female user says: “I see there’s a baby chair there, my compliments!” This is probably the best thing about this husband nursery: you can leave the baby there too!

Some were worried that this would ruin the experience of spending the day out with your partner but think about this: the nursery wouldn’t exist unless it was requested.


One female user added: “Is there a wife nursery? I don’t like shopping.” It takes all sorts!