Women Who Are Chilled Have The Most Sex, Apparently

We’ve all heard the warnings – once you get get married, your sex life might get a little routine.

We don’t mean you’ll never get any action, but you and your partner could experience a slight dip in how often you have sex… Think, twice a week, rather than twice a day.

Obviously, this won’t apply to everyone, but there’s no denying that initial furious passion can often fizzle out into a slightly more predictable (although still very romantic and WONDERFUL) love-making routine.

However, it turns out there’s one type of married woman who will be getting way more sex than others. Because a new survey of 278 married couples has revealed something major.

The study, conducted by Florida State University, has found that women who are happy, laid back and agreeable are having the most sex. Ooh.

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Couples were asked to answer a personality test first, before then keeping a sex diary for two week. On average, the couples had sex three or four times in 14 days – but here’s the interesting bit.

The couples who had the most bedroom action included wives who rated the most laid-back on the personality test. Women labeled as more ‘neurotic’ had less sex.

The couples were also asked to rate the sex out of seven, and the overall satisfaction rating was also less for women perceived to be ‘highly neurotic’.

Interestingly, men’s personalities didn’t affect how often people had sex at all. Go figure.

So the takeaway? Relax, clear your mind, and get ready to be ravished…