Cheryl Was Just Body Shamed On Daytime TV, And It’s Not Okay

Kate Garraway mocks Cheryl's 'ballooning' size on Good Morning Britain as it's revealed that her marriage to JB caused 'stress and weight loss'...

Cheryl’s divorce from ex husband Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini was finalised yesterday, after months of waiting. But a segment on Good Morning Britain which showed the host’s seemingly mocking Cheryl’s situation has not gone down well.

In in the court papers released yesterday, something pretty heartbreaking was revealed – the real toll Cheryl’s second marriage had on her health.

In the section that cited ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the reason behind Cheryl wanting a divorce, there was a question below that read: ‘If you consider the respondent’s behaviour has affected your health, state the effect it has had.’

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Cheryl last July looking slimmer than usual…

Underneath, the Mail Online reports that Cheryl’s lawyers replied with: ‘It caused stress and weight loss.’

And on Good Morning Britain earlier today, host Kate Garraway decided to joke about Cheryl’s ‘ballooning’ size during a segment about her divorce.

Whilst discussing the fact that the divorce documents stated that her unhappy marriage was the reason for her weight loss last year, Kate then jokingly said: ‘She’s really ballooned’, as a recent photo of Cheryl flashed up on the screen.

cheryl liam payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne have sparked some very exciting rumours

‘That’s what counts as putting on weight in Cheryl’s world’, Kate added.

Entertainment editor Richard then attempted to jump to the singer’s defence as the group giggled, adding that Cheryl now looked much happier.

‘She’s now happy with Liam Payne’, he said. ‘She’s happy now!’

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kate garraway

Kate Garraway appeared to mock Cheryl’s figure on this morning’s GMB…

We imagine Kate meant it entirely innocently, but mocking someone’s size – especially if they’ve lose weight due to a traumatic personal experience – is not okay.

Cheryl’s not had the smoothest time over the past year, so let’s all give her a break and let her enjoy this new, happier chapter in her life, eh?