Apparently Cheryl Is Pretty ‘Upset’ About Liam’s Interview On Their Relationship

Reports are claiming that the star isn't too happy about the reaction to Liam's interview...

Despite their PDA-ing at the Brit awards last month, there’s been a lot of speculation that Cheryl and Liam Payne’s relationship could be going through a difficult patch.

The couple has just celebrated their son Bear’s first birthday, and Liam has also spoken out about those relationship rumours in a recent interview.

‘The funniest thing is a week before we were getting married. The next week we’re splitting up,’ he told ES magazine. ‘And the thing for me is, I just like to think we’re somewhere in the middle.’


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‘You know, we have our struggles, like of course I’m not gonna sit here and say that everything’s absolutely fine and dandy, because of course you go through different things, and that’s what a relationship is,’ he continued.

‘But we go through them together as a family and that’s the most important thing for me.’

But apparently girlfriend Cheryl isn’t too pleased, The Sun reports.

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‘She isn’t a fan of putting her personal life out there, and if it had been her choice, Liam wouldn’t have said anything at all,’ a source is reported to have claimed to the paper.

‘She knew he’d talked about their relationship in the chat, but the reaction to the interview has really upset her.’

We can totally see where she’s coming from, but we’re sure Liam was only trying to reassure everyone that their relationship is stronger than ever.