Cheryl Lashes Out On Instagram Following Her Who Do You Think You Are Episode

The former Girls Aloud singer has made a sarcastic statement about 'karma' after receiving criticism about her appearance on Who Do You Think You Are...

Cheryl has never been one to keep schtum when she’s feeling a little miffed, so it’s no wonder she went on an epic rant last night following her appearance on ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are.

The 33-year-old appeared on the BBC to chart her family history, but was soon receiving unkind comments on social media ranging from her missing ‘charisma’ to her lack of surname. Harsh.

But Cheryl soon hit back in her usual feisty way, sending out a tweet about ‘karma’ after the show along with a hilariously LOL video.

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‘For the record .. #thatsKarmab***h,’ the singer captioned a video clip of US reality star Tami Roman hitting out at ‘evil’ and ‘mean-spirited’ people who ‘say, do, think or write’ negative things.

To be fair, Cheryl didn’t specify who she was talking about, or what set her off, but her loyal Soldiers were loving her attitude regardless.


Cheryl looked gorgeous and glowing in Who Do You Think You Are…

‘AMEN girlfriend!!!!’, one fan gushed underneath,

‘Yep. that’s my idol #sassy #ProudOfCheryl’, said another.

And for all the negative comments, there were tonnes of people praising Cheryl for her stint on the show.

‘Enjoyed @CherylOfficial’s #WhoDoYouThinkYouAre. You can’t help but love the ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’. #WDYTYA’, one wrote.

‘#WhoDoYouThinkYouAre So many negative and horrible tweets about #CherylCole. Don’t get it. Gr8 prog. Gr8 history. Her story. Not showbiz’, said another.

Another said: ‘I’m sure it was the most watched episode of WDYTYA. Haters gonna hate but they still tuned in to watch’

While most people assumed that the former Girls Aloud star was directing her angry rant at viewers of the show, others thought it may have been aimed at Louis Walsh following his and Liam Payne’s altercation last week.

Whatever it was, we’re loving Cheryl for getting it off her chest. Attagirl.