Cheryl Appears On The One Show Following Those ‘Pregnancy’ Rumours

The star's fans were keen to tune in and watch her talk about her new Childline campaign. But there was one thing that really got people talking...

Cheryl has mainly been keeping herself out of the spotlight over recent months, but this evening she made a TV appearance on The One Show, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

The 33-year-old took to the sofa to promote her brand new campaign with Childline, which has been set up to celebrate the charity’s 30th anniversary.

The announcement was made today, along with the release of a powerful video which is working to encourage young people to talk more openly about any issues they may be facing, and the struggles of growing up in the modern world.

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It’s an important cause, and it was great to hear Cheryl speak out so passionately about something that’s clearly very close to her heart.

In her personal life, the former X Factor judge has found herself at the centre of ‘pregnancy’ rumours recently, with many speculating about whether or not she’s currently expecting a ‘baby’ with her beau Liam Payne.

Cheryl has neither confirmed or denied the claims, and whilst she didn’t talk about it on the show, BBC presenter Matt Baker couldn’t wait to ask about whether she’s enjoying life at the moment.

The pop starlet replied, ‘I am.’

She added: ‘I’m great. I’m really well.’

So glad to hear it, Chezza.


There’s no denying that the star had a happy and healthy glow about her.

Viewers wasted no time to head to social media to speculate about whether they could see a ‘bump.’

The singer wore a dark jumpsuit with large military-style buttons down the front, but many fans believe that they still spied something.

Comments included: ‘Cheryl is deffo pregnant! She came accross so lovely on #TheOneShow #lookatthatbump’ and ‘@BBCTheOneShow fab show tonight, loved the quiz and Cheryl definitely looked pregnant #TheOneShow’ [sic].

Of course, Cheryl was there with one very important goal; to talk about the Childline campaign, which includes an emotional new advert and mobile app.

She told the hosts, ‘I would not go back to my teenage years for love nor money. I really want to help young people, for the next generation to have hope and opportunity.’

The singer admitted ‘I was a general worrier [as a child]. I would worry about the world if I saw something on the news. I was quite a depressed teenager.’

We’re happy to see you doing so well, Cheryl.