Why Cheryl Is Not Happy About Her The One Show Appearance

The former Girls Aloud star has hit back at claims she nearly swore on The One Show last night with an angry Instagram rant...

Cheryl raised awareness for a very important charity on The One Show last night as the new face of Childline.

The former Girls Aloud star took to the BBC sofa to chat about her newly announced role as Childline ambassador alongside CEO Esther Rantzen and Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy.

The ‘pregnant’ 33-year-old looked gorgeously glowing in a black buttoned jumpsuit as she discussed her own teenage years, as well as encouraged young people to speak out if they’re suffering.

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Cheryl appeared on The One Show to chat about her new role for Childline...

Cheryl appeared on The One Show to chat about her new role for Childline…

But Cheryl’s not happy. Because after one particular moment led some people to claim she nearly ‘swore’ live on TV, the singer has hit back with an angry rant on Instagram about her appearance.

‘Cheryl turns the air blue when she mouths the F-BOMB”, someone tell me when? 👀 That word wasn’t even in my mind!!! 😳’, Cheryl wrote this morning alongside a clip from The One Show. 

‘Dear media, please don’t turn my important Childline Interview into your negative Nancy clickbait! Try reporting the truth. You might help young lives.’

The reason for Cheryl’s rant is because some publications reported that Cheryl nearly swore whilst talking about the constant pressure she feels from being in the spotlight.

‘You’ve got the scrutiny, the lies, all the stuff on social media’, she told hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones.

‘That’s how I can relate to the kids too because I’ve experienced the judgement, the bullying to an extent – because a lot of it is. But I’m chin up and thick-skinned now, come at me bro.

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Cheryl look gorgeous and glowing with a smokey eye and poker straight locks

She added: ‘It’s like whatever. It’s like I keep telling them, you’ve got through it. You’ve grown from those experiences. You learn, you become you, you become comfortable in your own skin and you think, ‘go away’.

‘I honestly couldn’t give a…’, she finished, before laughing to Alex and Matt as she stopped herself from cursing.

Cheryl was joined by Esther and Chris Hoy...

Cheryl was joined by Esther and Chris Hoy…

Cheryl has neither confirmed nor denied claims that she’s ‘pregnant’, and whilst she didn’t talk about it on the show last night, host Matt couldn’t wait to ask about whether she’s enjoying life at the moment.

The pop starlet replied, ‘I am.’

She added: ‘I’m great. I’m really well.’