Cheryl’s Fans Think Sarah Harding Just Threw Shade At Her On CBB

Cheryl's soldiers took to social media to criticise a conversation on Celebrity Big Brother...

Uh-oh. It seems as though Cheryl’s fans are not impressed with Sarah Harding right now.

You’re probably aware that the former Girls Aloud singer is currently involved in Channel 5’s series of Celebrity Big Brother – and eagle-eyed fans have been keeping an ear out to see whether she discusses old friend Chezza.

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Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother

This week, Sarah spoke candidly about the fact that Cheryl likes to keep herself out of the public eye sometimes. Yup, we’ve noticed!

Fellow housemate Amelia Lily is the latest to have quizzed Sarah about Cheryl. During one of the recent episodes, she said: ‘She’s quite private, isn’t she? Cheryl.’

Sarah replied, ‘She tries to be.

‘She just knows how to work it when she wants to, when she wants to be seen she is, and when she doesn’t, she makes sure she isn’t.’

Turning the subject to the announcement of the arrival of baby Bear, she continued: ‘Like with the whole baby thing. She just plans things meticulously. She’s savvy, I’ll give her that.’

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Naturally, it didn’t take too long for the conversation to become a topic on social media.

And, it seems, Cheryl’s fans were not impressed, accusing Sarah of ‘throwing shade’ at her former bandmate.

One wrote: ‘Sarah trying her hardest to slag off Cheryl whilst trying to look like she’s not slagging off Cheryl #cbb’.


Other reactions included: ‘”She is savvy, I’ll give her that” lmao I knew Sarah couldn’t resist being shady toward Cheryl at least once #cbb’ and ‘sarah is so envious of cheryl its obvious #cbb #cbbuk’.


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Some viewers jumped in to defend Sarah, with one tweeting: ‘…Amelia asked her if Cheryl was a private person and Sarah just said she was when she was working that was it xxx’.

We’re sure there was no shade meant.

But Cheryl’s fans will always stand by her.