Fans Get Another Glimpse Of Cheryl’s Bump In New L’Oreal Campaign Video

Cheryl's new campaign video for The Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal Paris is just too glorious...

It’s the morning after Cheryl’s pregnancy announcement, and the excitement isn’t done yet!

After campaign pictures released a little before midnight last night confirmed that the 33-year-old star WAS pregnant with her first baby, fans wasted no time flooding the internet with messages of congratulations. But now we have more cause to celebrate. Why? Because L’Oreal Paris and The Prince’s Trust have released a campaign video of Cheryl, plus baby bump, to accompany the ad shoot.

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Cheryl. On video. Pregnant. It’s like all our christmases have come at once!

In the clip, Cheryl can be seen full-length, wearing a black midi dress that accentuates her blossoming baby bump.

She talks candidly about moments of ‘self-doubt’, reinforcing The Prince’s Trust’s aim to reach out to youngsters suffering with self-confidence issues.

‘When I was a teenager I doubted myself,’ Cheryl reveals in the campaign video. ‘I had moments of self-doubt.’

Glowing and relaxed, Cheryl looks happier than we’ve ever seen her. Laughing for the camera, her message is both inspiring and heartfelt:

‘What makes us different makes us beautiful,’ she states.


LOOK’s Features And Entertainment Editor Giselle Wainwright, who attended the press conference and screening this morning, says:

‘All the ambassadors are brilliant. They really care about this project.

‘I want to invite them all to a dinner party!’

Cheryl joins celebrities including Dame Helen Mirren, Katie Piper and AJ Odudu in the campaign, which launches a three-year collaboration between L’Oreal Paris and The Prince’s Trust entitled All Worth It.

This aims to help raise the confidence of 10,000 young people across the UK who are struggling with self-doubt.

Cheryl says: ‘As a long-standing supporter of The Prince’s Trust and spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris I am so happy to support this partnership.

‘Young people are currently facing more and more problems with self-confidence and we have to address these issues as a real priority.

‘My hope is that this partnership will help young people feel accepted and valued for who they are and make sure that they get the support they need to make the most out of life.’

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Argh, could we actually feel ANY more love for Cheryl today? You look and sound beautiful lady.