‘Congratulations Sweetheart!’ The Internet Reacts To Cheryl’s Baby Bump Picture

It's happened. Cheryl's pregnant. And the internet can't handle it.

FYI, Cheryl is pregnant. Oh, you didn’t know? Guys, where have you been for the last eight or so hours?

Yep, a little before midnight, while everyone was frantically discussing and digesting all the BRITS drama (Perry/Zayn/etc), Cheryl confirmed her pregnancy, releasing a group campaign snap for The Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal Paris in which she can be seen displaying a very big, and very blooming baby bump.

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And, as you can imagine, the internet (after the initial WTF shockwave) went into a Chezza preggo tailspin.

‘Imagine looking so damn beautiful and hot while you’re pregnant. Cheryl is so gorgeous and Liam is so lucky,’ one fan tweeted after the news broke last night.


Another fan simply said:

And of course, those witty Twitter types also wasted no time in meming up the platform feed with hilarious ‘Cheryl pregnancy’ reactions – most of which had us chuckling away during our storm Doris-affected commute this morning (insert not-impressed face).

And, once the picture landed on Cheryl’s official Instagram, more messages of congratulations poured in from her 3million followers.

Sentiments ranging from ‘Congratulations!! You deserve all the happiness in the world!❤’ to ‘You looking beautiful congratulations to you both’ have flooded her account, confirming that even though the 33-year-old singer has kept us all in the dark for what seems like an age (argh, the frustration), fans are 100% willing to forgive based on the power of a pregnancy pic.

Those cheeky One Direction fans were also quick to get their ten pence worth in via Twitter, with a slew of hilarious memes and congrats messages storming cross platform.

‘Cheryl has confirmed she’s pregnant with Liam’s baby. Now we have 2 daddys in the band’ one 1D fan account tweeted.

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Comparisons have also been made across social media outlets between Cheryl’s pregnancy announcement, and THAT baby bump bombshell Beyoncé dropped just a few weeks ago.

‘Going to be a #unpopularopinion but I think Cheryl looks more beautiful on her first bump picture than Beyoncé does on her first picture!’ one fan tweeted.

Another just dropped this piece of genius…

And it just keeps coming. No doubt about it, Cheryl has gone viral, and we’re on board for the ride.