Cheryl’s ‘Pregnancy’ Cravings Have Been Revealed (And They Aren’t What You’d Expect)

Cheryl's 'pregnancy' cravings are proper vintage

According to reports, Cheryl has revealed what foods she’s been craving during the last two months of her ‘pregnancy’, and well, we’re more than a little surprised.

The 34-year-old star — who is thought to be expecting her first child with boyfriend and One Directioner Liam Payne very soon — hasn’t followed the traditional route when it comes to craving certain foods. But then again, this ‘pregnancy’ has been more than a little unusual, right?


Forget gherkins, strawberries and/or chocolate, Cheryl has apparently been hankering for (wait for it), a Wimpy burger. Now, before you all start thinking that a Wimpy burger might be some kind of seasonal offering from fast food giants McDonald’s or Burger King, we ask readers of a certain age to cast their minds back to the days when you’d legitimately have a birthday party at Wimpy. Yes, with a full-sized Mr Wimpy in attendance, giving out balloons on sticks and generally upsetting the toddlers. Remember Wimpy? Course you do.

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And it seems, Cheryl is also a bona fide Wimpy fan. How vintage.

Cheryl Wimpy

We all remember Wimpy, right?

Sources reportedly told the Daily Star that ‘Cheryl is really enjoying her pregnancy and a chance to relax from her usual diet and exercise regime. She used to go [to Wimpy] as a kid.’

And luckily for Cheryl, Surrey — where Liam happens to own a £5million house — boasts a whopping three branches of Wimpy. Bonus.

These cravings come soon after it was revealed that Cheryl wouldn’t be spoiling her children, despite having a joint net worth of a cool £50million with BF Liam.

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‘I’ll definitely let my kids know that life’s not a bowl of cherries and yes, you might have wonderful things, but believe me, you’ve got to appreciate them,’ she stated in the 2009 Girls Aloud book, Dreams That Glitter.

Could that mean baby’s first birthday bash will be celebrated at the local Wimpy? Let’s hope so.