The Real Reason Cheryl Won’t Talk About Her Pregnancy

As the former Girls Aloud star stays quiet on her 'baby' news, a close pal says we shouldn't expect an announcement any time soon...

Cheryl may have made her ‘bump’ debut last week at the Fayre of St James Christmas Carol Concert, but she’s still yet to actually speak out about her rumoured ‘pregnancy’.

But why?

The singer made no attempt to cover up her growing ‘bump’ in a tight fitting Alexander Wang dress as her and Liam Payne enjoyed the London festivities, but the couple are still refusing to comment on their news.

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Cheryl baby bump

Cheryl and her boyfriend Liam Payne are now rumoured to be expecting

And sources have told LOOK that we shouldn’t expect an announcement any time soon.

‘She’s doing really well’, our insider said. ‘But Cheryl’s a private person, so why would she comment?’

‘Cheryl’s happy’, it added. ‘There’s no need for her to respond.’

It hasn’t stopped her friends, though. Former X Factor colleague Brian Friedman appeared to confirm the news last week. ‘If they’re happy, it’s fantastic’, he said. ‘Now they’ve having a baby together, so they found something great.’

liam payne cheryl


And mum-of-three Kym Marsh, who’s also dealt with her own experience of being pregnant in the spotlight, offered up her own theory as to why Cheryl might be wanting to stay silent.

‘I know some people think she should just come out and say it, but pregnancy can be scary – take it from someone who knows more than most,’ she told OK!.

‘Perhaps Cheryl hasn’t wanted to shout it from the rooftops and wants to keep it private.’

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cheryl bump london

‘I think when Cheryl was pictured looking happy and proud with Liam last week, it was her way of letting people know.’

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