Why Cheryl’s ‘Baby’ Could Be Bad News For Her Soliders

The former Girls Aloud star is reportedly planning on ditching her music career altogether once the 'baby' arrives, in a move that will devastate fans...

As Cheryl’s ‘baby’ rumours ramp up, the singer might have an announcement to make that will seriously upset her British fans.

Because Cheryl’s reportedly abut to make a huge U-turn in her career, moving away from music… Noo!

The former Girls Aloud star is said to be taking inspiration from Victoria Beckham as she attempts to carve out a new image for herself.

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liam payne cheryl

Cheryl and Liam Payne have sparked some exciting rumours…

‘Cheryl knows she’s rreaching a really important crossroads in her life and career, our source exclusively tells LOOK.

‘She wants the year ahead to be full of new challenges and she wants family at the forefront’.

And as for where she’ll be based, well, Soldiers? Brace yourselves. Because our insider adds that her and Liam Payne could be considering a move to LA after they were spotted house-hunting.

I miss you!…the things you make me do🤓😋 home soon!

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‘I know that if she does become a mum, she wants to be there 24/7 and enjoy every second of the baby’s first year – and that would mean seriously rethinking the direction her career is taking’, adds a pal.

‘Cheryl’s seen what her friends have done and views it as a chance to relaunch herself’, our source adds.

‘She has an opportunity to become one of the top women in the spotlight and could be blogging, writing books and even making TV shows about family life with Liam. She wants to make her whole world about her family’.

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